About Us

Brookhaven Industrial Group Association
(BIG) was established in 2003 as The Sills Industrial Park Association (SIPA). We are a group of business owner's consisting of manufacturers, warehouse/distribution centers and services industry companies within the geographic area of the Town of Brookhaven Empire Zone. We changed the association's name to the Brookhaven Industrial Group Association to better symbolize our planned expansion. Once consisting of those companies in the industrial park only, we are now encompassing a larger geographical area. With this name change, a myriad of new possibilities consisting of new and exciting projects and better environmental services are possible for us. As the Brookhaven Industrial Group Association, we will address our requests and concerns to the Town of Brookhaven to preserve the value of our properties with a larger and stronger voice.

The Sills Industrial Park Association made many strides and improvements to our industrial park in the past. We have addressed many issues including moving the building for the Caithness Power Plant 240 feet from the property lines on Old Dock Road as compared to 60 feet as was originally planned; we completed needed repairs and maintenance to our infrastructure, acquired snow removal and street sweeping in a timely manner, and effectively cooperated with Suffolk County Police Department in addressing criminal activities in our area.

Further benefits of membership are networking with business owners for group acquisition of products and services, as well as having a voice in the future of our businesses in the Town of Brookhaven. SIPA had guest speakers, from various organizations, speak at our meetings to educate and inform our members about products and services available to us. Companies such as Optimum/Cablevision, Verizon, Suffolk County Police Department, various service companies as well as local Town Officials have spoken to our group.